APRIL 4, 2023

Oman's South Batinah to get 3 waterfront projects to boost tourism

Muscat – The Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MHUP) has allocated three sites for establishment of waterfront projects in South Batinah as part of its efforts to stimulate the economy and attract investments.

An official at MHUP said that the ministry has marked a number of investment sites to support development projects in the governorate. “These include the construction of three waterfront projects, of which two – spread over 10,990sqm and 222,441sqm – are in the wilayat of Barka, while the third will be in Mussanah on an area of 180,425sqm.”

He added that the ministry has approved more than 30 urban plots for various uses. According to the official, the ministry has also allocated 11 sites for establishment of various food security projects in Barka, Nakhl and Mussanah. These will include cultivation of onions, garlic, wheat, vegetables, fruits and fodder, and a honey factory on a total area of more than 2.6mn sqm.

The Directorate General of Housing and Urban Planning in South Batinah has also launched a comprehensive plan for land alongside the Batinah Coastal Road in the governorate. “The plan will see establishment of Batinah Market in Al Rumais Square in Barka on an area of 12,7046sqm, and a commercial complex and an integrated fuel station in Al Sawadi Square of Barka on 95,654sqm and 31,510sqm, respectively. In addition, an entertainment project spread of 131,244 sqm will be set up in Al Quraym Square in Mussanah.”

About the ministry’s efforts, he said that 3,000 residential plots of land were given to citizens in 2022, while 10,097 plots of land are planned for various purposes in villages in South Batinah.

MHUP has stated that the value of real estate transactions in South Batinah in 2022 amounted to more than RO300.