APRIL 9, 2023

OIA offers investment opportunities worth over OMR1.5 billion

Muscat: Oman Investment Authority (OIA) announced 36 investment opportunities worth OMR1.5 billion and covering various industries, available in the Invest Oman lounge.

Hisham Ahmed Al Sheedi, Director General of Economic Diversification at OIA said that these investment opportunities will potentially ensure better alignment and synergy between OIA and other government and private entities. He noted that the opportunities are distributed across several key investment sectors, including technology, utilities (electricity), tourism, fisheries, and food, as well as mining and health.

In an interview published in OIA’s first quarter 2023 newsletter “Injaz & Ijaz”, Al Sheedi pointed out that the investments on offer are just an initial list that is likely to increase based on the current and future viability studies. He also noted that specialists in the lounge will explain investment opportunities to the investor as a first step.

The list features numerous IT projects such as programming, engineering solutions, and blockchains, in addition to tourism projects, including the 3rd phase of Yiti and Yankit Sustainable City, a multi-facility entertainment destination in Barka, and a Logistic Gate project at the Economic Free Zone within Muscat International Airport. There are also several food security and fisheries projects, including fish and shrimp farming, the fattening of tuna in large floating cages, three factories for canning and packaging marine products, and the production of fish feed. The list also includes mining projects such as industrial minerals, copper, magnesium, and silicon.