JANUARY 14, 2024

Musandam: Development gathers pace with mega projects

Muscat: Sayyid Ibrahim bin Said bin Ibrahim al Busaidi, Governor of Musandam, said in a statement that the governorate enjoys His Majesty the Sultan's care as he monitors and evaluates projects that are beneficial to the local as well as the national economy.

“The short-term economic and social development of the Governorate is envisioned to give the best by providing and securing logistical connectivity with the rest of the governorates. It was necessary to focus on the logistics sector, the civil aviation sector, and the internal connectivity between the coastal wilayats (Bukha, Khasab, and Dibba), in addition to improving shipping and handling operations at the seaports of the coastal states through several projects," he said.

Speaking about projects in detail, al Buisaidi said there are several governorate–scaled projects have been carried out in Musandam including, the implementation of the coastal road linking Tibat and the Wilayat of Khasab, with a length of 38 km, and a project to connect the Wilayat of Khasab to the Wilayat of Dibba, with a length of 70 km, which plays a strategic link to secure land transportation between these wilayats.

Regarding the development of maritime transport, the Governor of Musandam said, “The strategic importance of the maritime location of Musandam Governorate is highlighted as it is a peninsula that connects the most important bodies of water and through which a large proportion of international trade passes”.

The government invited investment bids for Khasab Port and an agreement was reached with the company to which the project was awarded.

The company is studying the feasibility and once agreed upon, there will be a signing of a long-term management of the port.

Additionally, there is a Dibba Port development project valued at over RO 39 million to create and develop a multi-purpose port that caters to the fishing sector, the tourism sector, the transportation sector, and the security sector.

Highlighting the tourism sector, al Busaidi stressed that this vital sector is promising and growing, adding that marine tourism and beaches-related activities have bloomed considerably recently.

The tourism demand has increased, especially in the wilayats of Khasab and Dibba because of the arrival of ships carrying tourists from various countries, who wish to delve into a magical and rare experience on their tours among the creeks.

This tourism demand has coincided with the growth of the hotel sector and accommodation services, in addition to various tourism initiatives and projects that come in partnership with a group of governmental and private institutions such as the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism and the Omran Group, which are undertaking qualitative initiatives in the field of developing the hotel sector in addition to private sector investment in this field.

One of the most prominent tourism projects that will give vital impetus to this sector is the Omran Group’s signing of an agreement to establish a resort for the Kalbat Group in the wilayat of Khasab, in addition to the start of construction on the Ras Amud Resort.