MAY 31, 2023

His Majesty launches Sultan Haitham City

Muscat: His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik patronized the inaugural ceremony of Sultan Haitham City at Bait al Baraka Palace.

His Majesty was briefed on the details of this upcoming Smart City, which will be a new model for building sustainable cities that will meet the aspirations of youth in the Sultanate.

His Majesty the Sultan gets acquainted with the characteristics of Sultan Haitham City through digital panels showcasing the city's various and multi-use housing options within a modern environment that simulates the cultural heritage and adopts sustainable lifestyles with a wonderful architectural vision that includes all members of society of all categories.

His Majesty the Sultan had a look at the identity of the Sultan Haitham City and its mission, which is to build the most unique and dazzling city in the Sultanate of Oman.

The visual presentation of the master plan model for the City provided a glimpse of the various development stages of the city and the facilities that it will offer such as schools, hospitals, and mosques among others.

* To be spread over 14.8 million sqm
* Can accommodate 100,000 people
* 20,000 residential units
* Landscapes spread over 2.9 million sqm
* 19 integrated neighborhoods (townhouses, apartments, etc)
*Commerical facilities
*Basic facilities
* 25 Mosques
* 39 Schools
*11 health facilities (including a referral hospital)
* Sports facilities
* A University
* A Central Park
* A boulevard
* Energy production from waste
* Solar energy for electricity
* Reduce waste quantities
* Wastewater treatment

The Sultan Haitham City is the result of the comprehensive transformation journey pursued by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning towards sustainable urban development for prosperous communities through the implementation of national strategic projects for urban development in line with Oman Vision 2040.

The city's master plan has been meticulously designed to provide a wide range of housing options for Omani citizens, welcome everyone and celebrate all cultures.

The Sultan Haitham City includes advanced community facilities with strategic locations that have been carefully selected to allow residents to access them with complete ease.

The strategy allows residents to jointly use public facilities such as parking lots, playgrounds, and parks and contributes to achieving optimal use of spaces and building community centers in the heart of residential communities and providing residents with an effective communication experience.

The designs of the city’s external areas rely on the natural shade of trees during the daytime in harmony with their architectural nature by defining the directions of urban buildings, providing natural outdoor spaces, distributing the density and height of buildings, and designing streets.

The city is sustainable and designed to raise the quality of life by relying on the use of solar energy as a source sustainable, including systems for energy production from waste, wastewater treatment and use as gray water, application of a sustainability system to protect resources, reduce waste quantities, and reuse, recycle, or employ materials.

The city establishes a fascinating and captivating journey towards a future full of happiness and prosperity, and a joyful and beautiful future that carries the greatest values and antiquities by reviving the ancient heritage, building a vision of all the elements of modern and innovative life in the Sultanate of Oman, and reflects a long-standing legacy that increases in brilliance with the passage of time, working to form a solid and solid foundation for a society Futuristic, innovative and inclusive, combining the harmony of all generations and lifestyles and transcending cultural barriers.

This city goes beyond the usual concept of urban life, and contains civilized society that builds the present and charts a brighter future... a society that believes that life is a permanent and continuous journey whose present must be invested for the sake of tomorrow.